We're on our way!!! Xzibit would say: April 4th marks the beginning of a new era. We spent the day organizing stuff which we didn't see coming - have you heard of the "Internationale Zulassungsschein"? You can get it here:

Zulassungsstelle Lichtenberg. One of Berlin's hidden architectural gems.

Zulassungsstelle Lichtenberg. One of Berlin's hidden architectural gems.

And we did stuff we saw coming like doing some last minute shopping (rain gear? rain gear!), handing our keys over to the people who'll be living in our flats the next half year (hi! is everything okay? yes? are you sure?) and finally packing our stuff and strapping it to the bikes. It all took longer than we thought so we left Berlin way after lunch.

[Imagine us standing with our bikes in front of the RIAS GT, a bar in Kreuzberg. Picture coming soon.]

It was all Autobahn from there, the first stop being this beautiful petrol station in the middle of nowhere. It is as grey as it looks.

But we were happy to get a coffee. It seems to be a thing there, as you can see below.

It got windy and dark and the temperatures fell down to 5 degrees, but it didn't really matter. It was great to finally be on the road after all these days of preparation. So there we were. Two brothers, two motorcycles. On our way to Japan. We still don't really believe it.

Our first real stop was Nuremberg, where we met our aunt and uncle. Torque to family, so to speak. Our cousin was also there and provided us with all the medical advice we will hopefully never need. Great to see them all. The next morning we went to Munich - Autobahn again. In Munich we met a friend (thanks for the coffee!) and got the last documents we need, the infamous Carnet de Passages. We need them for Iran and Japan. Don't waste your time looking up what it is, but we need it. And we got at the heart of West German culture: The headquarters of Germany's Automobile Club ADAC.

Looks important.

Looks important.

Afterwards we went straight to Salzburg. Autobahn again, the last bit before we get into the Alps. That's where the fun begins. But first, there's work to do: tomorrow we'll attend a bike maintenance course. Seeeerious bizness. So goodnight from Salzburg.

We're glad to be on our way.