We met Giorgi last summer. In the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. Almost. It was in a little town called Mestia in northern Georgia, to be exact. 12 kilometers from the Russian border. We got there after a hard day of riding a road that was, to put it nicely, abandoned by the authorities. Somewhere along the way, one of our bikes hit a rock – and the sump didn't like that. Black tears were spilled. While we were able to fix the crack, new oil was nowhere to be found. So when we all made it to Mestia – thanks to the help of a 4WD owner – we decided to tackle the last open bar for a well-deserved beer. Giorgi was already there. Image a Georgian version of Noel Gallagher. Younger and way friendlier, yet completely drunk. He explained to us that Michael Schumacher is and always will be the greatest racing driver in history. Closely followed by that other German (who turned out to be Brazilian Rubens Barrichello). When we were done talking motorsports, Giorgi told us about his dream: "Next year, I will go to Germany and...            


He yelled it into the night. "Why not?!" has been our mantra ever since. So when the idea of taking this trip came up, we pretty much didn't have a choice. If Giorgi can do it, so can we. His question had become an order. We have to do it. It's that simple. So here we are. Woohoo. 



I come from a little town in Northern Germany called Eutin, close to the Baltic Sea. After finishing school I studied philosophy and economics in Heidelberg, California and Berlin. Today I work as a consultant in the energy sector. On this trip I will focus on fossil fuel (petrol, actually).
My first motorcycle was a Kawasaki Z650, now I ride a KTM 1290 Super Adventure R. Presumably the best adventure bike there is (because it’s faster than the 1090).
What else? I’m a player of Berlin's best football team (position: defender) and a huge supporter of the best team in the world. I like Turbonegro. And torque. Momme is my younger brother.



In case you’re wondering: Momme is not a nickname. It’s my real name. In fact I get asked that so often, I built a website to answer the question. It’s a Frisian name, but I’m not from Frisia. Just like my brother Thies – surprise, surprise – I grew up in Eutin. These days I live in Berlin where I studied political science before becoming a copywriter. So I write things for a living but I've never written a blog before. Sis is a wörld premiere.
I got my motorcycle license in 2008 and it really changed a lot. Since then, every summer I’d get on a bike and explore Europe with some friends. My first bike was a SR 500, now I ride a KTM 1090 Adventure R. Probably the best adventure bike in the world (because it's lighter than the 1290). 
What else. I’m a striker of Berlin's best football team (position: bench) and a medium-size supporter of the best team in the world. I like turtles. And torque.