April 2017, we started our journey in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Taking our motorcycles south, we crossed the Alps to make it to warmer grounds. Through the Balkans we made our way to Turkey. From there, we explored the Caucasus (Why not?!) before picking up the old Silk Road through Iran and the Stans, following the famous Pamir Highway. We will then took a northern turn to test our bikes on Mongolian sand and East Siberian dirt. After reaching Magadan via Road of Bones, we shipped our bikes to Vladivostok and took a ferry to Sakaiminato, Japan. From there we carried on to our final destination: Tokyo.

What you see below is an outline of the route we had initially planned. It’s close to the actual route we took (except for the Magadan bit).

Germany – Austria – Italy – Slovenia – Croatia – Montenegro – Albania – Macedonia – Greece – Turkey – Georgia – Azerbaijan – Iran – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan – Tajikistan – Kyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan – Russian Federation – Mongolia – Russian Federation – South Korea – Japan