For days and weeks we’ve been working two shifts, basically. The day shift in our regular jobs, the night shift organizing the thing that will eventually become a trip. Soon. Hopefully. Right now it’s not a trip. It’s a puzzle made of research, considerations, decisions. Lots of them. How many shirts do we take? What material should they be made of? Space-proof ultra-light high-tech fabrics or wool? How many pots and pans? There’s the visas. Vaccinations. Bikes. Riding gear. Camping gear. Insurances. Paperwork. More paperwork. Somehow it feels like our to-do lists only get longer. First world problems? Most definitely. But it’s still stuff we have to take care of.

So what’s still missing? A lot, actually. Our bikes aren’t there yet. They still need to be registered with the authorities. When we’ve done that, we can apply for our last visa. We also need to get the so-called Carnets de Passages, tax documents that enable us to enter Iran and Japan. I better stop writing and get back to work. It’s not a trip yet, it’s still a puzzle. But we’ll get there. Eventually.