If you're considering or planning a big motorcycle trip, there are many things to bear in mind. Almost too many. Here's what worked for us.


Paperwork, medical and money

Before the real adventure begins there is an administrative adventure to master. Virtually endless To-Do-lists wait for your action. We thought we’d share some of that with you, since it can really make a difference for the real adventure.


Bikes and parts

When you plan to go twenty-odd thousand kilometers on a motorcycle, you better choose it wisely. And taking a few spare parts won't hurt either.

DSC_0037 (1).JPG


On a trip like ours you need riding gear that works well for Georgian snow just as much as for the heat of the Persian desert. We would like to introduce you to the stuff we rely on every day.


Camping equipment and traveller's electronics

If you do not already have a complete set of traveling equipment, you will most likely spend some time on research what to get. At least we did, since there is a vast amount of solutions out there. Check out what we're taking with us.


Talk to strangers

Many times you find a common language with people while traveling, sometimes you don't. But normally even this does not lead to communication breakdowns. In this post we talk about things facilitating communication.